“a series I will stay up all night reading.” – Christina Lynn
“Immersive Action.” – Steve Vincent



Book 1: Messenger

Sephy Alcott, CEO of the galaxy spanning Willacast Corporation, finds herself the reluctant owner of a planet orbiting a dying blue star. The seeded inhabitants, meant to remain in the stone age, have broken free from restraints, and only Sephy’s personal touch can reset the controls.

Amidst the turmoil of occupation, Jay, a castle messenger, uncovers the key to winning the war against the oppressive Galathian Empire. His mixed ancestry becomes both a source of strength and a target for scorn, propelling him toward a destiny he never imagined.

Jortica, scarred by the storm that killed her mother and took her father’s sight, abandons her family legacy for a life as a soldier. Entwined in the rebellion, she crosses paths with Jay, setting in motion the events that will challenge their loyalties and reshape the fate of nations.

As Sephy descends deeper into the affair, she must choose between resetting the planetary balance and placing the inhabitants on a path to destruction. As Jortica takes control of the fight, she tests the limits of trust while tipping the scales of rebellion. And as Jay discovers the truth of his own origins, the future of the cosmos hangs in the balance.

The epic saga begins when a clockwork crow steals the most precious possession of a mad cyber-automaton.

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Short Story: Subversive

Glyn Styers, a cybernetic technician for the Willacast Corporation, keeps a vast army of planet-controlling robots in working order. When a sophisticated nano-cyber automaton on a seeded planet malfunctions and turns on its creators, Glyn has to find a way to stop the carnage and preserve the valuable commodity it cultivates—humans.

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